We’re fast very fast. Unburdened by the enormous scale of a multinational agency, we don’t let a brief simmer through client servicing and strategic planning pots before handing it to creatives.

creativity at the

speed of right.





We attack a brief head-on the moment we get it. Oft-times locking ourselves in a room till we crack great amazing ideas.

Ideas that answer the brief. Ideas that are right on track with our client’s brand personalities and business objectives.

What’s in

our name.


RASAS is a transliteration of the Arabic word for “bullet” or “lead” , also connoting the lead of pencil. In our command of such a rich vocabulary with so many meanings, It’s no coincidence that RASAS equally implies “fast”.

Speed is our advantage, and with a marksman-like accuracy at cracking any creative brief more and more clients are giving our “crea-fficiency” a shot.

Where do we
come from.

RASAS comes from a belief that the best companies are born completely different.

Our mantra of “thinking from right to left” – the way Arabic is written on a page – is a clarion call for Arabic that involves and inspires the Arab consumer, united in parallel with excellence in English, the Gulf’s second language. Common to both, our starting point is the insight, the center.



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Obviously it’s a team effort.

So, meet the people!


A collective of creatives, designers, managers and dreamers that are

connected by the same values.

We worked with

a who’s who of brand names.


Forward thinking brands, both nationally and globally, who recognize the commercial value of crafted

excellence that can capture the hearts and minds of consumers.


  • American Garden
  • NEZO
  • RCMC
  • Hershey's
  • Gargash Hospital


We’re currently

taking on new projects.


We pride ourselves on being a lean, effective team and choose our partners carefully. We are structured to collaborate closely with our clients and we put a lot of work into making this look easy.

let’s work together