RASAS is an independent agency founded in 2010 to answer a critical need for advertisers in the Gulf to “think in Arabic for an Arab consumer”. By bringing to life the wealth and beauty of Arabic eloquence, culture, insights and lingo, we shall ultimately restore the status of Arabic as a flexible, effective and creative language after decades of stagnation.

What's in our name.

RASAS is a transliteration of the Arabic word for ‘bullet’ or ‘lead’, also connoting the lead of a pencil. In our command of such a rich vocabulary with so many meanings, it’s no coincidence that RASAS equally implies ‘fast’. Speed is our advantage, and with a marksman-like accuracy at cracking any creative brief, more and more clients are giving our ‘crea-fficiency’ a shot.

Where do we come from ?

RASAS comes from a belief that the best companies are born different. Our mantra of ‘thinking from right to left’ – the way Arabic is written on a page – is a clarion call for Arabic that involves and inspires the Arab consumer, united in parallel with excellence in English, the Gulf’s second language. Common to both, our starting point is the insight at the centre.